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Abanicøvid, a system to guarantee separation between transport users

Allo3, a design and corporate image creation company, has designed and developed Abanicøvid, a simple and effective system to guarantee separation between public transport users, thus reinforcing passenger safety and trust.

Abanicøvid, a system to guarantee separation between transport users


(25/06/2020) The system, a folding fan that is placed on the side of the seats, reduces the possibilities of risk contact between passengers without creating a visual or physical permanent barrier, and it is compatible with the rest of preventive measures that are being considered.

This system is an element of separation that Allo3 offers to operators and rolling stock manufacturers which can be either quickly placed to use temporarily or be permanently integrated into the seats.

Using the mechanism of a fan, the system, once unfolded, provides active safety creating a barrier between the two people sitting in adjacent seats where the safety distance recommended by health authorities to prevent Covid-19 infection cannot be kept. The fan design allows easy access to each seat since it only unfolds once the passenger is seated.

Abanicøvid has been originally developed for rail transport but can be used in any other mode. Thanks to its characteristics, it can also be used in theatres, waiting rooms or any other social situation with a great number of people in which increasing occupancy while reducing risk of infection may be relevant.




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