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“The Metro of Innovation. L9. L10” (El Metro de la Innovación. L9. L10), a book about the new Barcelona metro lines

The railway industry association Railgrup has sponsored the publication of “The Metro of Innovation. L9. L10”, a book which has been produced with the collaboration of the Catalan Government’s Department of Territorial Policy, GISA, TMB, the Metropolitan Transport Authority of Barcelona and Ifercat.

“The Metro of Innovation. L9. L10” (El Metro de la Innovación. L9. L10), a book about the new Barcelona metro lines

(05/04/2011)  With a combined length of nearly 50 kilometres and a total of 52 stations by the time they are completed, lines 9 and 10 will constitute the longest automatic line in Europe and the one which links the largest number of municipalities. The challenge which their design, construction and future operation has posed for the railway industry is the subject of this book, which covers all the aspects of this innovative experience in detail.

The book is divided into eight thematic sections in which the parties involved –public authorities and companies– in each aspect of the line describe the work they have carried out, the difficulties they have overcome and the achievements they have obtained.
The first of these sections, entitled “The most innovative metro”, contains chapters devoted to the history of the metro, organization and funding, public communication and geology, the four foundation stones on which the project was based.

“Projects and civil works” is the second section, with chapters on tunnels and stations and various types of engineering. The third section, “Doors”, focuses on both the tunnel sectorisation and platform doors, and the fourth deals with the subjects referred to in its title: “Ventilation, Evacuation and Safety”.

The next section offers a detail analysis of “Automatic Driving and Rolling Stock” and issues relating to interlocks, the central control station and communications. The sixth section, “Organization”, analyses the tests, commissioning and technical coordination of the project.

The penultimate thematic section focuses on ”Stations”, with chapters on vertical mobility, vertical, ticketing and singular spaces, and the final section on “Operation” offers chapters about cohesion and operation and the automation process.

The book is amply illustrated with photos, diagrams, graphs, technical drawings, etc., and is available in Spanish, Catalan and English. Copies can be ordered at vlibre@ffe.es (price: 20 Euros, plus postage and packing).



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