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Indra to implement systems to manage traffic and public transportation in Medellín

Indra has been awarded two contracts for the development and implementation of an intermodal public transportation management system and a comprehensive system to manage traffic in Medellín, the second-largest city of Colombia to win the 2012 International Sustainable Transport Award thanks to its commitment to sustainable mobility.

Indra to implement systems to manage traffic and public transportation in Medellín

(14/09/2012)  Indra’s solutions included in these contracts, whose total amount is €9 million, will make it possible to reduce traffic congestion and costs, minimise contaminant emissions and promote more efficient and ecological modes of transportation.

Medellín Metro

The first contract, awarded by the Medellín Metro, will allow the city to have an intermodal public transportation system that is unique in Colombia and will facilitate the management and the combined use of the metro and buses.

For the project, Indra is implementing an Operations Assistance System for Metroplús, the city's BRT (Bus Rapid Transit) fleet, which will be integrated with Indra's Da Vinci system that has been managing Metro train traffic since 2008. The objective is to integrate train operations with the bus system so that vehicles are handled in a unified manner, with a special emphasis on interconnection stations or links between lines. It is also planned to include future trams in the city’s transportation services.

Operations Assistance System

Indra's Operations Assistance System currently manages 20 buses, and by the end of this year, the fleet is expected to have 48 managed buses. This tool, based on location technologies (GPS), a geographic information system (GIS) and mobile communications (3.5G/GSM/GPRS), provides the control centre with real time information about the vehicles in order to improve their management and to speed up decision making in light of any incident, need for back-up, etc.

The solution includes a passenger counting system that is based on closed-circuit television and registers the number of passengers boarding and exiting each bus, making it possible to know the bus' occupancy in order to prevent exceeding its maximum capacity, to request back-up vehicles during demand peaks and to prepare mobility studies for this mode of transportation.

The technology will be implemented for 21 Metroplús stations, consisting of an interior passenger information system that uses loudspeakers and TFT screens, as well as the access control systems that use turnstiles and validators, based on the Open Cívica software developed by Indra. In addition, a pilot is being carried out with 13 machines for recharging Cívica smart cards, the payment method for Metro and Metroplús.

Urban traffic controlborder=1

The second contract, awarded in consortium with UNE Epm Telecomunicaciones and XM (ISA subsidiary), the companies that manage transit in the city of Medellín, includes a new integrated traffic control system and the intelligent traffic systems (ITS) for the city.

The solution, based on Indra's Hermes system, will make it possible to continuously track traffic and to monitor the various control subsystems in real time. Collecting current and past data will also make it easier to analyse and consolidate information for making decisions related to mobility.

The project, whose technological leader is UNE, one of the largest telecommunications operators in the country and a pioneer in designing and implementing digital city solutions, includes the design, implementation and start-up of closed circuit television systems, support systems for traffic light network plans and variable message panels.

Thanks to these systems, XM's Transit Control Centre operators will have access to a variety of traffic data, be able to view traffic conditions at 48 strategic locations throughout the city in real time and be able to make decisions that improve mobility in these areas. On the other hand, drivers will have access to information about traffic conditions, possible incidents, congestion, etc.

"Smart Cities"

Indra's solution will also be integrated with other external city systems, in which the operator UNE is also a technological partner, such as the emergency centre, the vehicle monitoring system for traffic agents of Medellín's Secretariat of Transport and Transit, the traffic light control centre, the infraction detection system and the public transportation monitoring system, among others. As a result, Medellín will have Colombia's traffic control centre with the most systems integrated in a single platform that supports decision making about mobility.



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